Our Story...

Ian Altobello, the founder of The Boreal Collective, was fed-up with how creatives and artists (including himself) were being treated and compensated. After living in Nashville, Tennessee where he worked with some of the world’s largest Country musicians, Ian decided to move back to the quaint region of the Upper Peninsula (U.P.) of Michigan to relax and creatively reset. At this time, he was experiencing strange encounters with a Great Blue Heron, a bird he typically didn’t see in his normal outdoor adventures. This bird kept appearing in his dreams, on the side of roads, in magazines, and even on his social media feeds. It’s believed that the bird represents the ability to evolve and progress while following a necessary path.

It was at this time that Ian recognized a few gaps in the creative world. First, most creatives don’t receive the proper education to run a financially stable business while at a university or in an art program. Two, while building his network, Ian came to find that a high majority of creatives admitted they lean introverted in their communication skills, causing serious irritation between the client and the creative individual.

Ian quit ignoring the signals from this Great Blue Heron and began creating what would be The Boreal Collective (TBC), a creative collective that connects people to education, businesses to business, and talent to opportunity. Since TBC is a true collective, we hand-select talent for every single project — offering a boutique approach to your creative and marketing needs.