Ian Altobello

Social Media Content At Your Fingertips

Do you enjoy managing your social media channels but find it hard to consistently post high-quality content with a clear narrative? If so, keep reading. Our friends over at Boreal Cannabis were experiencing this, so we told them about our social media content package — ready-to-post content that includes optimized copy. All you have to do is copy the text, download the asset to your computer or smartphone, paste that text on your social channels, and upload the asset. From there, hit POST! Below you will find more details on how this specific collaboration flows.

Strategy Meeting

Before we create and develop content, we like to set up a strategy meeting to discuss current goals, aspirations, pain points, and more. This lets us take a holistic approach to creating content and ensures that we craft a compelling and consistent narrative.

Time to Create

Before shoot day, we’ll provide you with different options for photo/video service providers. Everyone that we suggest is vetted and considered a collective member. For this particular example, Boreal Cannabis chose Elm Creative out of Marquette. Once the selected video team has been briefed, we’ll set a shoot day! After we receive the photos and videos, we’ll then start to package your content.

Social Like a Pro

As we develop your content, we’ll be sure to check in so that you can review our progress. This ensures that the content we’re creating is still aligned with your vision. Below you will find a screenshot of the interactive document that we’ve shared with Boreal Cannabis. This document will contain your copy, direct links to your assets, a basic checklist, and specific instructions for posting. When it comes to actually posting, things can quickly become overwhelming, which is why we’re always happy to answer any questions you may have!

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